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Story time!

Alright, so I was in summer school last July and as some of you may know, school in summer starts mad early. I was sitting in my desk, and my friend Shawn came in, as he was in the same class. He asked what I was listening to, and I happened to be listening to Big D at the same time...after telling him who I was listening to, I gave him a little description of what they sounded like. When I was done, he kept giving me this weird look, and I finally asked why...

"Karissa, I'm pretty sure you just said you're listening to a band called Big D And The Disabled..."

I guess I was really tired and kept slurring everything I said.

Now I can't walk down the hallway at school without Shawn yelling at me "HEY WHEN ARE GONNA GO SEE BIG D AND THE DISABLED?! COME ON, BIG D AND THE RETARDED KIDS TABLE! LET'S GO!"

Aha, it makes me laugh. And just so this post isn't full of crap and text only

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